Today, I’ll recap our accomplishments in 2017, review our

Thank you, Julie, and good afternoon, everyone. Today, I’ll recap our accomplishments in 2017, review our fourth quarter trends and share with you our strategies to grow our business and to extend Tailored Brand’s leadership in men’s apparel. First, I’ll start with a high level review of our 2017 results.

Cheap Swimsuits Consolidated gross margin expanded significantly to 47% from 30% driven by the increased percentage of revenues generated from our DTC channel. Gross margins in DTC expanded approximately 15 percentage points to 75% reflecting maturity of our e commerce and store networks. Gross profit was up substantially as our Q1 fiscal 2018 had a revenue based that included two retail stores and four e commerce sites compared to only two e commerce sites in Q1 of fiscal 2017.. Cheap Swimsuits

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