So, now, they can take their own decisions without any

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If they had to do all this consciously, I think they would collapse from sheer nervous tension. It has become so much part of a woman psyche, that it does not bother her as much as it should. This is not how smart cities are built. It lends its name to the title of the book, the main characters, and drenches its pages. Here, we see it as gentle and calm, life giving and nurturing, as well as mighty and threatening, thirsting for blood. All the while, pressing against them like the intense humid heat, is the fear of being caught, and the constant blade of suspicion who could they really trust? While the story is propelled by political events, it the actions of characters in the past Hanse and Pranab parents, intertwined, we find, in the most surprising ways as well as the decisions of the young men themselves, that truly shape the narrative..

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